Monday, 10 August 2015

The Best Breasts in Hollywood

Ever wanted to know to which starlet has the biggest breasts in Hollywood? Well, now you have the opportunity to weigh in! There are many sexy ladies in Hollywood, but only a select few can rightfully claim that they have among the biggest breasts in entertainment.

 This list only includes actresses and singers, not models, hence why it's called the best breasts in Hollywood. You'll see many familiar names on this list like, like Salma Hayek, Elizabeth Hurley, Scarlett Johanssen and of course, Kate Upton. These are among the hottest women in the world, so it should as little surprise that these ladies are on this list. There is no wrong answer in determining which of these actresses, singers and models has the best breasts. It's up to you to determine who has the best pair in the world. It's not easy but somebody has to do it.

Who has the best breasts in Hollywood. For red-blooded men, this is a debate that's been raging since the cavemen and, thus, the beginning of manhood. So, you have the rare opportunity to weigh in and determine which Hollywood starlet has to best breast. You really can't go wrong, so vote away! If you'd like to see more also we recommend COED's best natural breasts of 2014 post.

These actresses with big boobs have the biggest boobs in Hollywood. Which pretty much means they have the world's best breasts. You guys, these are basically the world's nicest boobs.

The Best Breasts in Hollywood

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